The digitization of most business activities – combined with cutting-edge IT technologies – promise many benefits. But first, any company need to solidify its data foundation.
In this context, data transformation doesn’t just encompass the traditional “extract, transform, load” processes of collecting, cleaning, reformatting, and storing data. It also includes the subsequent analysis and leverage of collected (or real-time) data to inform a company’s decision making, its operations, and its highlevel digital transformation strategies. Without data-driven insights, digital transformation initiatives are flying blind.
Which of today’s companies will make the transition? The winners will need to be able to adapt, often radically, in four areas:


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Bayanat Digital and Data Transformation are designed to deliver immediate impact, while also building the capabilities, processes, and mindsets necessary to sustain your digital transformation. We will take you to thorough journey including information management, data cleansing and mapping, index analytics, creating data governance framework, data analytics platform and decision support platform.

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