We believe that competitive advantage exists at the intersection of data science, technology, people, and deep business expertise. To unlock true power, data analytics must be woven into processes and ways of working and applied where it really matters.
Our talents as creators, inventors, and builders unlock the art of the possible by crafting and implementing fully customized, end-to-end, advanced analytic providing you impact creation business intelligence.
Bayanat Business Intelligence services:

01 Goals Optimization Engine
Goal Optimization Engine (GOE) is an automated algorithm-based ranking platform by prioritizing any entity’s interconnected initiatives such as resources, goals, programs, projects, etc., in terms of their importance for a selected parameter, to help you realizing your objectives and create impact in resource-effective manner

02 Business Analytic Platform
Our business analytic platform deliver actions not analytics, enable you to optimize cost, value and price of product, and manage your resources effectively

Bayanat GOE Services


Our Business Analytics Plarform


Analytics platform to support local retail and SME’s
Simple platform that deliver actions not analytics.
Merchant supplies input data and preferences, platform will recommend exactly what is to be done.
Maximize sales/profit mix of product based on merchant defined ratio through an E-M optimization algorithm
E-M algorithm will optimize cost, value and price of product

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